Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Space Geek

I am fully enjoying "patio season" by sitting on either the upper or lower patio every night. Lats week I was on the upper patio when I saw a bright "star" moving across the sky. It was moving too fast and seemed very high. Could it be the ISS? A quick check of my phone showed that yes indeed the ISS had just passed directly overhead. I decided to download the app that would predict every pass over the house. On Tuesday I noticed that there would be a flyover at just after 10. I really love the app because it not only has a compass to point you in the correct direction, but also has a sky map to show the path with respect to planets and constellations. It's easy to get "landmarks" with the current sky since the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are all up in the early evening. And so I watched the ISS sail across the sky. It made Kitty mad because I stayed outside past my bedtime, but I was totally geeking out. I then noticed that there would be another flyover the next night and an hour earlier. This time I invited Kitty outside with me. About 30 minutes before the arrival I commented, "Hmmmm. It's currently over New Guinea." That amazed Kitty. It's on the other side of the Pacific?!? Yup. It doesn't take long to get here when it's moving at 17,000 mph. Right on schedule a bright "star" popped over the mesa and sailed over the house heading SE. It was a pretty clear night (except for forest fire smoke) so we were able to watch it for quite a long time. Just before it dropped below the horizon I told Kitty that it was currently right over Houston. That kinda blew her mind. Alex, our houseguest, told her that old astronomy adage, "Space is really really big!"
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