Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Internet Holiday

It was nice to take a break from teh Interwebs for a few days. Kitty and I took yesterday off from work, so we enjoyed a nice 4-day weekend together. We were invited to a party on Sunday which was a nice, chill affair. We had been asked if we were going to host something on the 4th. At first I was totally against it because I had had my fill of party drama after AlbuFURque 2 weeks before. People kept asking, however, so I relented. I'm glad I did. There was a nice group of about 2 dozen folks who showed up on Monday. There was actually a sense of community with all of us sitting together, talking and laughing together, and enjoying each others' company. When it got dark we all migrated to the front yard to blow shit up. Several families up and down the street were lighting off fireworks for a good hour or 2. I realized that we do have a good core group of kind, thoughtful furs when as soon as the last firecracker was set off, everyone joined in the cleanup. Within 5 minutes the street looked like nothing had ever happened. The same thing happened in the back yard. When I went outside on Tuesday morning, there was no garbage to be picked up. Even the recyclables were all their proper containers. It did my heart good to experience that. So overall it was a nice relaxing weekend. I did a little reading, did a little binge watching of "Mr Robot," and cooked up some zucchini and yellow squash from the garden. The only time I went online was to see if we would get any rain. Nope. *sigh*
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