Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Escape Room

A few days ago a local fur posted a message asking if people wanted to join him in trying out an escape room. It seems that you get locked into a room and have to solve a bunch of puzzles to solve the mystery in order to get let out. I suppose they could add a "Saw" (or perhaps "The Cube") element to it where you would die if you didn't solve the mystery in an hour, but rather you were let out and had to have your pic taken holding a sign saying "loser" or "fail" or something to that extent. We ended up with a group of 7 which was perfect. Everyone brought something different to the table which aided us in solving the riddles. You are being watched at all times by a "game master" who might provide clues to you if you're close to solving a problem but are just missing a bit of logic. For example I was solving a math problem where the answer should be a combination to a lock. I kept coming up with a certain answer but the combo didn't work. Suddenly a message popped up on the screen that simply said "order of operation." Duh! I was doing an addition before doing a multiplication (I bet albear just had a terrifying math flashback). The new answer was a combo to a lock. Another time we found an encrypted message but we only had 3 parts to the 4-part key. We realized that we didn't need it. As one person proclaimed, "We gonna 'Wheel of Fortune' the shit outta that thang!" which was actually part of the puzzle. We got the door open with just over 3 minutes to spare. The consensus was that it was hella-fun and well worth the money. There are 2 other rooms at the place and we plan on heading back in the future. It reminded me a lot of Meow Wolf where the exhibits told a story as you made your way through the museum. I don't know if things like this are common elsewhere in the country, but I bet they will become a "thing" if they aren't already.
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