Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Sweeney Bear

Yesterday I was doing my usual nightly weeding/watering of the garden when I noticed that one of my tomato plants had been munched fairly severely. I quickly started scanning the branches and soon found a nice fat hornworm clinging to one. My usual method of dispatching them had been to pluck them off and fling them violently at the wall where they made a nice green *SPLAT*. The problem is they like to cling to the branch tightly and begin flailing around wildly while spitting up green goo. I have now gone to taking a sharp pair of shears and slicing them open. It's like a bad samurai movie where the worm sits there for a second before all of its green guts come pouring out. I dispatched a few like that yesterday. It's now becoming a daily battle to keep them at bay. I don't want to resort to chemical warfare, but that may have to be the next option. On the plus side, the tomato plants HAVE started producing. Yay! It seemed that they had been taking forever to ripen. Kitty suggested that I buy a tomato at the store because as soon as I brought a store-bought tomato into the house, you just know that the fresh ones would get jealous and demand to be eaten first. It worked! The very next day the garden tomatoes started to turn red. In other garden news the pumpkin plant has truly taken over much of the garden. I'm training the vines to grown between the other plants and spill out into the lawn. I have a couple of pumpkins forming with one going from baseball-sized to football-sized in a matter of days. I'll have to post some pics this weekend.
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