Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Why Did They Do That?

With all of the remodeling that I have done to the house over the years, I frequently ask myself, "Why did they do that?!?" in terms of the original construction of the house. I want to start Stage 2 of the yard remodel which would involve expanding the back yard, almost doubling its size. I look at how much space is wasted and wonder why they put the wall where it is. To me it just makes no sense. The same thing goes for the choice of landscaping plants. Cholla cactus?!? Really?!? That shit is one of the worst desert plants out there! Why did they plant that in the first place?!? On my daily walkies, I'm staring to get an idea of the thought process (or lack thereof) of people when they build a house since it seems that a new house pops every few weeks.

I think a lot of it involves just not thinking long-term. Perhaps the person is spending $400-600K on a new house and just doesn't want to spend another $20-40K on a well-thought-out landscaping design. It's so much easier to throw down some nice-looking decorative rock and be done with it. I'm glad that people are not putting in water-thirtsy lawns, but I would be planting shade trees everywhere to keep things cool(er). Another thing, that I posted about months ago, is the placement of the garage. There seems to be this trend of putting the garage door parallel with the street, making it necessary to do a 90 degree turn to get into the garage from the drievway. Why? Why not be able to pull right in/out from the garage onto the street? Does it look ugly to have a garage door facing the street? I noticed one new house that put decorative windows in the garage so that it would look nicer from the street. What a huge waste of money, IMO. I have also noticed a few houses that were built downgrade of the sidewalk. Big mistake! Right after a snowfall last year I watched the melt water flow from the sidewalk right to the garage door. All it would have taken was another foot of fill dirt to raise the grade to make it level with the sidewalk. Now there will be years of flooding problems. What was the builder thinking?!? I guess it still comes down to "let the buyer beware."
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