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Another Classic Movie Post

Kitty and I are continuing our quest to see the best movies ever made. We added another 4 to our list. I have our Netflix queue to where we alternate between classics and newer films. It keeps things interesting.

"How Green Was My Valley" - I had to see the movie that beat out both "Citizen Kane" and "The Maltese Falcon" for Best Picture in 1942. It certainly was worthy of the title. I think that the other movies became more appreciated over time, but this one was what was awarded at the time. It didn't even make the AFI Top 100. But with that being said it is still a good film which follows the life of a family in a coal mining town in Wales. There is labor strife. There is a mine disaster. There is scandalous love between a priest and a girl. What's not to like?

"It Happened One Night" - Best Picture winner in 1934 and #35 on the AFI list. Classic early Hollywood with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert trying to make their way from Miami to New York. She's a spoiled rich girl trying to escape her daddy and he's a reporter trying to get the story. Of ensues. Classic moments include the separation of beds by a sheet hung between them and Colbert hitchhiking and getting a ride by showing some "cheesecake." They get a ride from Alan Hale (Skipperrrrrrr!)

"Some Like It Hot" - #14 on the AFI list. It's hard to believe that I had never seen this comedy starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe. Lemmon and Curtis hide from the Mob by dressing in drag. Hilarity ensues. You can tell that we have come a long way in that Curtis says that a man can't marry another man. That's against Law and Nature! *lol* Oh, if he only knew! I suppose it could have opened the door back then in that the very last scene has Lemmon revealing himself as a man to a millionaire who has fallen in love with him. The millionaire doesn't care. Oh my!

"Meet Me in St Louis" - Honorable mention. This is one of Kitty's favorite movies and she was shocked that I had never seen it. I guess it's kinda considered a "holiday movie" since part of the movie takes place around Christmastime and Judy Garland sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." My feeling is that this was a chick flick of the time. The whole plot revolves around spoiled rich girls trying to find husbands. I should mention that they're all pretty much still in high school. The only highlight for me was the musical number "The Trolley Song" which was a Broadway show stopper. I guess this film was the perfect escape from reality since it came out during the height of WW II. You know it's complete fantasy when it takes place in St Louis and there's not a single black person in it.
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