Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


It's a month late but the monsoon finally arrived in ABQ yesterday. Just before I left from work I checked the radar and saw a nice red blob forming about 30 miles north of the city. Since the storm movement was to the south, things could get interesting! By the time I got home the red blob had grown and moved closer. I went for walkies and the entire northern part of the sky was black. I made it home and turned on the news. The storm was still heading right for us and predicted to hit in about 10 minutes. I grabbed some whiskey and went outside to enjoy the show. It did not disappoint! The storm announced itself with a single grape-sized piece of hail which hit the patio cover like a gunshot. Soon the downpour began with even more hunks of hail. I managed to fill both rain barrels in about 15 minutes. According to my rain gauge it only dumped about 0.46" but that was about 20% of all of the rain I have received all year. Hopefully the moisture plume will persist.

In other natural history news, I was very surprised to hear that lava was once again flowing into the ocean in Hawaii. I had been following the eruption of Pu'u 'O'o ever since our trip to the Big Island last year. It had been sending flows to the east for quite some time, but there was no threat to the local community. Obviously I hadn't checked the updates in several months because I totally missed a breakout of lava that headed south in late May. It made a beeline for the ocean and finally reached it the other day. And the Park Service had just completed an emergency road along the coast that got buried by lava several years ago. The good news for tourists is that they now have a nice wide path to walk down to see the flow (even though its 10 miles RT). I saw a pic of tourists at the flow and just did a *facepaws* It's a Darwin Award waiting to happen.
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