Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Bestest Buds

Kitty and I are back in ABQ. It was a wonderful weekend with albear and dexter_fox. On Monday we had wanted to hit up another museum, but unfortunately most of the museums are closed on that day. We decided to just take it easy and tour the Japanese Gardens to the west of N Hollywood. It was a pretty cool little place, marred only by the stench of the sewage treatment plant next door. Oh well. At least it provided eco-friendly water for the pools in the park, not stocked with koi because the birds like to peck at them (so I was told). We had planned on having an early dinner in Little Tokyo later in the day, but we were all famished, so we stopped for a quick cheap lunch at Costco.

By the time we were ready to leave to downtown to catch our train, nobody was really hungry. We adapted our plans so that instead of having a sushi dinner together, Kitty and I would get some take-out sushi for the train. We found a nice little Japanese supermarket in Little Tokyo that had some very nice take-home sushi. We loaded up with several varieties as well as some snacks and we were golden. Al and Dex drove us over to Union Station and we said our goodbyes.

On the train Kitty and I enjoyed our dinner while the Sun set below Cajon Pass. We traveled in coach class this time since there were no sleepers available, but everything worked out fine. We were in the very last coach, so we weren't bothered by people walking past all night going to the lounge or cafe. It wasn't a great night sleep, but it was passable.

So now a quick shout-out to Al and Dex, who are truly our bestest buddies. When there can be nasty fights and drama that last for an hour or so, followed by another hour of laughter making fun of the drama that just happened, you know you have found good friends. We know each other so well. We fight. We laugh. We get mad at each other. We laugh some more. We get totally smashed together. We nurse each others' hangovers in the morning. THAT'S what friends are! Thanks, you guys!
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