Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"An American Tragedy"

I put the long train ride to good use by finishing up another novel. This one was a slog compared to the last 2. The story was interesting, but it clocked in at over 800 pages so it was quite a long read. Basically it's the story of a teenager who grows up with a poor religious family and eventually seeks the materialistic world. He finds a girlfriend who totally takes him for a ride, but he must leave her because he is part of an accident that kills a child. He finds a new life thanks to a rich uncle who gives him a job. He's somewhat caught in the middle, however, because people who would be his peers think he is above them due to his uncle, but people above him see him as nothing but a poor poser. He finds a girl, knocks her up, and then wants to dump her when he finds a rich girl who likes him. When the girl refuses to be dumped, he stages an accident and kills her. Unfortunately he bungles the crime, gets caught, and ultimately executed for his crime. Pretty tragic, eh? I now want to see the move "A Place in the Sun" which was adapted from the book.
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