Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Nature Show

I had fun with nature yesterday. In addition to finding a nice gopher snake on my great quest to find missing wells, Mesa and I had a wildlife encounter while on walkies. At the far western end of our walk I spotted a coyote watching us from about 100' away. I waited until it started to trot off before telling Mesa, "Yotie-o!" He jumped into action and started running. Of course he went in the wrong direction. Finally he spotted the yote, and the chase was on. I had commented to Kitty a little while ago that I feared that Mesa was starting to show his age (9). He no longer desired to chase bunnies for very long and he didn't have that same pep in his step if he was chasing something up the mesa. Perhaps he just needed a worthy opponent. He gave the yote a good run for its money. Soon he was trotting back to me with a satisfied look on his muzzle. What happened next was surprising. The yote was following him! It climbed a small hill and began yipping and barking at us. It was as if it was telling us, "Yeah! That's right, bitch! Dis be my house! I'll mess you up, muthahfuckah!" I just yipped right back at it in defiance (fucking furry). We started walking back home and I heard more yipping. It was following us! I took the opportunity to grab a blurry pic of it with my phone (just to the right of the tree).


He gave up soon after that.

The other great event in yesterday's "The Nature Show" was the Perseid Meteor Shower. I was sitting on the upper patio with Alex and Kitty just enjoying the night sky. I think Alex mentioned how nice the Big Dipper looked and I remembered that we were getting close to the peak of the meteor shower which would be visible near that constellation. A quick check of my Google Sky Map showed that, yes indeed, the meteor shower should be just above the mesa to the north. So we focused our attention on that section of the sky and waited. It didn't take long before we were treated to several nice fireballs. The last one of the evening looked like a rocket flying across the sky. It was mighty impressive! Even the ISS joined the show. My phone alerted me that the ISS would be coming into view. I knew it was scheduled to fly directly over after 11, but it was only 9. It turned out we were right on the edge of viewing for the orbit prior to the direct flyover. I used the app to locate where in the sky it was supposed to be. Unfortunately it was low on the norther horizon, behind the mesa. Oh well. But wait! There it was! It made a quick appearance just before disappearing over the eastern horizon. By that time it was directly above Kansas City.
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