Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Another Movie Post

We crossed off 2 more films from our "best of the best" list. Since the Olympics are going on, why not an Olympics movie? I had never seen "Chariots of Fire" all the way through, so now would be a perfect time. I had heard it was pretty "meh" and overall I would have to agree. 1981 wasn't a stellar year for movies, so even though it won Best Picture that year, that isn't saying much. It reminded me of another Oscar winner, "The English Patient." It was sort of long, boring, and pointless, but nice to look at. It does fill in the one gap in my Oscar-winner list. I have now seen every winner from 1964 to the present as well as many before that. I just have to find a copy of "Tom Jones." Even Netflix doesn't have it.

The other movie was "A Place in the Sun" which was nominated for Best Picture but didn't win. It did, however, make the AFI Top 100 list (#92). Many thanks to bunny_plush who let me know that it was available on demand from Turner Classic Movies. The film is a fairly good adaptation of "An American Tragedy " which I wrote about last week. Montgomery Clift plays the lead actor and Kitty pointed out how much he looked like James Dean. I had to agree. He could have been in "Rebel Without a Cause" or Dean could have played this role (if he had been well known at the time). Elizabeth Taylor could also have been swapped for Natalie Wood and vice versa. Raymond Burr plays a district attorney, and we both wondered if his performance sealed his fate for playing Perry Mason 5 years later.
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