Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Major Milestone

According to my pay stub, today marks 25 years in gov't service. I started full-time in 1993, but I had a couple of temporary gigs before that which count towards my time. So today the door officially opens to early retirement. Would I retire early? Nah. It would take someone seriously pissing me off before I did that. I still have 5 years of earning and socking money away in my 401K. It might be a different story, however, if the next administration decides that the gov't is still too big. An offer of a "5&5" might get my interest. That's where they tack on 5 years to your service and 5 years to you age. That would put me at full retirement. I might not be able to live high on the hog, but I could do things like spend more time in Chicago taking care of Mom. *shrugs* It's just a nice thought to know that there is light at the tunnel and there are now more options. The goal is to retire in Jan 2022. Then I can sit at home and watch soaps while Kitty slaves in the 9 to 5.
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