Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


Yesterday on walkies a mouse ran across the sidewalk right in front of Mesa and me. Mesa must have thought it was a lizard and pounced it. A quick snap of his jaws and that was all she wrote for the poor rodent. Later in the evening I was sitting on the patio and some yotes must have been triggered by a low flying jet. They started yipping just in back of the house. This started a mad search for Fling who was still outside. The stupid cat refused to come inside. Finally, just before we went to bed, Kitty opened the door and Fling ran in. Good. Kitty went upstairs but I wanted to watch a little more of the Rams/49's game. Fling gave a weird meow as she walked past me. I looked down and she had a mouse in her mouth. She dropped it close to me and I made a mad dash to catch it before it ran away. It was just a little field mouse, and I deposited its stunned self out the front door. Kitty didn't have her contacts in so she hadn't even seen that Fling was bringing us a present. It has been non-stop death as of late. Diva has taken out a couple of wrens and injured a beautiful swallowtail butterfly. She also brought me a hummingbird last week but it was able to fly away. Oy! Cats! Our little killing machines.
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