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Field Trip

I just got back from a nice little field trip to tour some of our facilities in the southern part of the state. One of the perks of the job is that I occasionally get to run around the inside of dams not normally accessible to the public. Today that was Elephant Butte Dam which will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next month. It's one of the oldest federal dams in the U.S. Inside the dam we encountered a ring-tailed cat that was running around. Judging from the amount of droppings we saw, there are probably lots of mice for it to eat. It was not the only wildlife we saw on the trip. We also saw a few javelinas, a coyote, and a nice fat skunk while touring a wildlife refuge that we provide water to.

We spent the night in beautiful Truth or Consequences. Boy, talk about small town. They pretty much roll up the sidewalks by 8pm. We stayed in an old school motel that had the one benefit of being attached to a hot spring spa. T or C used to be named Hot Springs before they changed their name thanks to the game show. The motel was some place where tilt_longtail would be right at home. It was one of those motels where probably half the tenants were using it as apartments. I don't think the decor had been updated since the 1950's. On the bright side I did partake in a hot spring soak in a private tub which made the 2 beers I had consumed seem like 6. I was one mellow bear!


Elephant Butte Dam

Ring-tailed cat

Motel room or Pee Wee's Playhouse
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