Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Chi-town Visit

Kitty and I got back to ABQ yesterday. Today it was back to the old grind. On Monday we took a quick trip downtown to see the sights. Kitty had never taken the CTA, so we hopped on in Cicero and rode down to the Loop. It was only a block to Millennium Park so we strolled over and took a relaxing walk around the park. I had already fursuited "The Bean" but the urge to do it again was strong. So many tourists! So many cameras! *lol* Slut!

We continued to walk south to Buckingham Fountain. The last time Kitty and I were here it was closed for renovations. She finally got to see it in action. We then went across Lake Shore Drive to gaze out over Lake Michigan. By this time it was time for lunch, so we found a small restaurant/bar that served deep-dish pizza. It took awhile to cook, but that was ok. That gave us more time to hang out with luckytheevildog who met up with us. We had a nice chat about life both inside and outside of the fandom. It has been years since we had seen him last, so it was nice to reconnect. We said our goodbyes after tasty pizza and went our separate ways. We ended up at Marshall Fields (it will never be Macy's to me!) to buy some Frango Mints. I was happy to see how much of the original store remains. I spent quite a bit of time in the store as a kid since my aunt worked there in their advertising department. On some Saturdays she would do her work while I ran around the store. Great childhood memories! It was then time to hop back on the "L" and head on home before the evening rush hour.

Here's a pic from the "L" platform. That was one big difference from my childhood. The line to Cicero used to be in the subway under the store. It has since been moved to the elevated tracks that make up the Loop. Oh, and marvel at "The Donald's" giant metal penis. It would have been a very attractive building if it didn't have his ego splashed on the side.

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