Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Shut the *bleep* Up!

And now here's another episode of Sabot's "I hate the *bleep* media." If there's one thing I absolutely hate it's censorship; pretty much in all ways, shapes, and forms. I especially hate it when news outlets feel that a word may be too offensive or an image may be too graphic. By bleeping out words or pixelating pictures, they are reducing the impact of what they are showing. I know I commented awhile back about seeing images from Syria on the nightly news and comparing that to what was shown on PBS' "Frontline." Nightly news...Oh my. That's terrible. Frontline...Holy shit! While I don't want the nightly news to become a gore-fest with each network trying to outsquick each other, I do believe that reality should be seen as is. Once again, I don't want the news to become "Faces of Death," but if the cops shoot someone or someone shoots a cop, the event should be shown. I say all of this because of the latest brouhaha regarding "the Donald." On the news we heard, "grab them by the *beep*" You can really *bleep* them!" Of course anyone who has ever watched "Wheel of Fortune" could figure out the missing words, but I never realized how much the *bleep* diminished the meaning of what was being said until I heard the unedited version on a cable political commentary show. The impact was so much greater. I think partially it's because we have become immune to the *bleep*. Uh oh. Someone said a bad word! Except in our increasingly vulgar society, every other word is *bleep* There is no more shock. There is no more revulsion for using vulgarity in excess. OK. Enough of my rant. I'll shut the *bleep* up.
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