Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Bear is Watching You

I have been meaning to rig up some sort of security system around the house simply because I hear neighbors tell stories about petty thefts. You also see news stories about roving bands of teenagers checking cars parked in driveways. I was also inspired by albear and dexter_fox who installed a system in their house after a burglary several years ago. I liked the technology where you could check you cameras remotely using your smartphone. I also wanted to check for wildlife roaming the area. A neighbor caught a possum or raccoon on his system. There have been a few mornings where we have been awaken by the smell of skunk. Is there one roaming around? I checked what systems were available online and was happy to see how cheap security systems have become. I was seriously thinking about ordering one when Costco got in a shipment of Samsung cameras and put them on sale for $100. I bought one and installed it. It was pretty cool. Of course the biggest drawback to all cameras like this is the power. They can only be installed where there is an available outlet. I'm sure there are some battery-operated ones out there, but I haven't found one outside of ones used for hunting. Then the trade-off becomes wireless vs SD card. This system is wireless, beamed to my router. I liked the results so much I bought another 2. I really wanted to get eyes on the driveway since that's where the greatest opportunity for theft is. It would also record anybody coming to the front door. I had to drill an 8" hole through the garage door frame to run a wire, but I got it to work! I started running into problems, however, with weak signal so far from the router. That was corrected using a signal booster which I plugged into an outlet in the garage. So far so good! Most issues I have had are due to my own stupid router and not the cameras. Of course the cats are constantly setting off the camera in the back yard. One interesting thing that was captured was a black cat visiting one night. Could it have been Billie?!? Another downside is that I am now paranoid about running around nekkid in the backyard. If something gets captured on video, it might go public and I'll never be elected President!
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