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Workin' hard and hardly workin'

I think that's about as long as I've gone without updating. I have been a busy bear over the past few days. Let's recap.

Monday: Feeling better. Had to crank out graphs for upcoming presentations

Tuesday: Drove up to Alamosa, CO for a meeting with the Weather Service and Natural Resource Conservation Service to discuss this Winter's snowpack and estimates for streamflows this Spring. There was a pre-meeting field trip up to Wolf Creek Pass to take a look at 2 of the automatic snow measuring stations. So I got to spend the afternoon playing in the snow. I was worried that I would get cold, wet feet which would cause a relapse of my flu, but I mananged to keep my boots fairly dry.

Wednesday: The actual meeting ran the entire morning. I made my presentation on water operations in 2003. 2004 looks below normal, but better than last year. We then drove back to ABQ in the afternoon. It was good to see Anubis again. By the time all of the chores were done there was very little time to get online to read LJ, chat, and check email.

Thursday: Gave my presentation to the 6 Middle Rio Grande pueblos. They were generally cordial although they still bitched and moaned that they were being denied their water. Look, it's a friggin' drought. I don't care if you have the oldest water right. That doesn't mean you can keep your fields flooded just because you can. The non-Indians who really had to tighten their belts last year ended up with a better crop because they used better farming practices (rant over). After that meeting I prepared for yet another meeting, this time with the general public. It went over very well. I got my ugly mug on one of the local news stations that filmed at the meeting. Overall it went great. By the time the meeting was over, the grocery shopping was done, Anubis was walked, and dinner was prepared, it was 10:00. I had just enough time to have a quick chat with my sweetie before heading off to bed.

And management might be getting a clue! I was called into the boss' office this morning and given a gift certificate to a local restaurant for a job well done! Finally! A nice gesture of appreciation that really boosted my morale. It looks like a certain kitty and I will be dining out on Sunday.
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