Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Holiday Fursuiting

Last night was the annual lighting of the Christmas tree in Old Town Plaza. Last year we did it and parking was a nightmare. We left a little earlier this year and parking was still a nightmare. We parked a few blocks away in a residential neighborhood and while I was suiting up, a little abuela came out of her house to see what we were doing. She laughed with delight as I stepped out from behind the Furmobile. She wanted a big hug while her chihuahuas barked furiously at the big white monster. We made our way to the Plaza and passed out many hugs and posed for many pictures. We met up with a couple of other suiters and made our way to the tree. We found a nice spot right by the tree where we could pose for pics before the ceremony started. We were joined by the creepy bunny mascot from a local radio station since we were the ones attracting the crowd. The tree was eventually lit and we made our way through the crowds to get back to the vehicle. Of course that took quite a long time since we were stopped every few feet for pics. I do love holiday events so! I can't wait for a repeat performance on Christmas Eve.

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