Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

New Traditionalists

Merry Christmas to all of my LJ friends especially those Devo fans who will appreciate the title.

For about the first 20 years of my life there were several Christmas traditions. Christmas Eve was always at my grandma's (mom's mom) with my 2 sets of aunts and uncles and my 8 cousins. Christmas Day was at my dad's sister's with his side of the family. Those traditions died with the deaths of my grandma and aunt. Plus all of us kids grew up, went to school, got married, and went our separate ways. I never established any new traditions for myself. One year I camped out in the AZ desert. Other years I set up luminaria in front of the house which is a Southwest tradition. Here in ABQ I had nothing going on until I discovered Furry.

Back in 2004 I got the idea of heading down to Old Town Plaza, where the City set up hundreds of luminaria, and doing some guerrilla fursuiting as Nevada. It was a huge hit so we continued to do it again the next year. Before I knew it I had a new tradition on my paws! I missed a couple of years due to cruises, but it was one of those things that I just had to do! And I found out that my appearances were also appreciated by others who sought me out to get an annual pic with Santa Bear. So last night the tradition continued. We hit the Plaza very early which was good because we managed to easily find parking and we were able to meet up with a reporter from the local paper who took pics and interviewed Kitty. Here is the link to the pic. It was a windy night so luminaria all over the Plaza were randomly bursting into flames. Kitty was my handler and she wore an open-faced Pooh suit. Our roommate wore an open-faced Bear in the Big Blue House suit which fit him very well. Surprisingly kids (and adults) were asking for hugs and pics from all of us. We lasted for about 2 hours before we decided to call it quits. The crowd was getting huge and we were all starving since we hadn't had dinner yet. We made it home and had green chile chicken casserole that Kitty had put together the day before. It was then time to chill in front of the t.v. and watch "It's a Wonderful Life" while sipping bourbon. This morning the traditions continued with me donning my pink bunny suit and curling up in front of the t.v. to watch "A Christmas Story" while nomming on holiday fruit bread which I had baked yesterday. Now it's time to get my prime rib into the oven! Once again...Merry Christmas to all!
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