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Weekend with the Kitty

In keeping with the stoda principal of furry LJ posts, this one will be about food and sex, ummm, I mean yiff, uhhh, I mean snuggling.

I picked up carol_kitty at the airport around 6 on Friday. I brought her to the bear den and started cooking dinner. I cracked open a bottle of pinot grigio and we yerfed and drank while I cooked one of my favorite chicken dishes. By the time dinner was over, it was almost 10. The big bottle of wine lay empty and we were both feeling no pain. We both stumbled upstairs for some nice snuggles.

Nothing starts a lazy Saturday better than gratuitous violence. So we popped in "Kill Bill v.1" and watched while sipping coffee. After the movie we decided to head down to Old Town and do a little tourista shopping. I invited furrysparkles along, and the 3 of us walked around the all of the galleries and shops. We soon tired, and returned home after dropping Sparki off. Finally it was time for dinner.

I had heard an advertisement for "The Melting Pot" on the radio. It seems that fondue is once again coming into vogue. It turns out that it is a chain of restaurants and Carol had a gift certificate that she had received in SoCal. So we both dressed up and headed off to the restaurant. Oh yeah! Good times! We opted for the complete 4-course dinner. First was the cheese appetizer. We went for the swiss cheese. We happily dunked veggies and hunks of bread into the yummy gooey mixture. Then came the salads. Then the main course of a plate of pork, beef, shrimp, salmon, and lobster was brought out. We cooked our meats in a steaming pot of coq au vin sauce and then dipped the cooked meats in a whole variety of sauces. Finally the dessert fondue was prepared which was a pot of melted dark chocolate. Into this pool of sweet goodness we dunked whole strawberries, chunks of fresh pineapple, brownies, and pound cake. The entire meal was washed down with 2 bottles of lovely white wines. The entire meal took about 2 1/2 hours. OMG! We were both buzzed and stuffed. By the time we got back home, all we could do was collapse into bed.

Sunday morning was nice and lazy. Of course I had to wake up early to let Skookum and Anubis outside. After lounging around, we decided to hit the 1:00 showing of "Kill Bill v.2" It was a good flick, although I sure hope they release a full-length director's cut of both films combined when v.2 is ready for release to dvd. We returned briefly to the bear den before heading off to the Macaroni Grille for dinner. I used up my gift certificate I received at work the week before. Once more we stuffed ourselves. Back to the bear den we went for snuggles on the sofa while watching "Band of Brothers" on the History Channel. Damn! That's a great show!

And so this morning I put the kitty on the plane back to LA and I resumed my life once again. We had a BBQ at work to commemorate our 1 year anniversary in the new office. Woohoo! Free burgers and hot dogs! Don't poke the bear in the stomach. You might force something out. *giggles*
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