Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Welcome, 2017

I'm back at work for a whole 4 days before I'm off to FC. Lots of end-of-the-year stuff needs to get done in that time.

I rang in the new year in typical fashion, dressed as Bad Bunny. We went outside at midnight and played "Fireworks or Gunshots." Fortunately the gunshots sounded quite a distance away while neighbors nearby set off some pretty impressive mortars. We toasted with a wonderful demi sec champagne I found at the local mega liquor store. Of course this was all part of the larger furmeet that attracted about 40 furs. I had originally planned to just throw a bunch of frozen snacks into the oven, but then the local supermarket had turkey on sale a few weeks ago, so I roasted up a 16 pounder. Put out a bunch of dinner rolls and people could make their own turkey sliders. It worked! Someone else made a couple of batches of decadent mashed potatoes and it was a hit. I was going to light a fire outside but unfortunately it had rained earlier in the day and all of the wood was wet. Even thought it was cold and damp outside it didn't stop a bunch of people from playing games out on the patio. The party broke up not too long after midnight as most people wanted to beat the drunk drivers on the road. Several of us got together the next morning for our usual post-party breakfast at a local Village Inn. It was the perfect way to welcome in the new year.
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