Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Sunny California

I made it safely to The Domain on Saturday. The storm that crippled ABQ on Friday morning was nowhere to be seen by the afternoon when I hit the road. In fact you wouldn't have even known there had been storm by the time I was 10 miles west of town. It was an easy trip to Williams, AZ where I bedded down for the night. The next morning I was off again. Surprisingly the only rain of note I encountered was in the heart of the Mojave Desert. I had told Al and Dex to expect me around 12:30 and I pulled into their driveway at 12:25. It was then time to chill and get our drink on.

On Sunday they took me to lunch at a Asian restaurant with their Thai neighbor. She had told them about the place and they fell in love with it. You can either cook meat on a grill or put it in a pot of soup. You pay for each plate of goodies you cook. 4 of us stuffed ourselves for just over $20.

In the afternoon I paid a visit to my aunt who only lives around 4 miles from Al and Dex. She's in her upper 80's and is succumbing to the ravages of Parkinsons. My cousin is taking care of her. I always thought of him as something of a loser since he is my age but has never lived anywhere else nor has ever had a steady job. But I saw the way he was taking care of his mother and gained a whole new respect for him. It's an incredibly hard job and he is doing it well. We all talked for a few hours about family history. I showed my aunt all sorts of pics from 70 years ago and she still had the knowledge of who everyone was. Unfortunately she got tired very quickly and ended up falling asleep. That was ok. My cousin and I talked about a lot of stuff. I then picked a ton of lemons and tangerines that they had growing in their yard. No need to raid an orchard this year!

I have no plans for today. The weather in SoCal is extremely shitty. I'm watching with great interest what is happening in the north part of the state. They are predicting a rain-on-snow event for the Sierras. This is the fear of all hydrologists. It can release a hell of a lot of water in a very short period of time. It's a lose-lose situation in terms of water management. When I left ABQ on Friday, our own snowpack was up at 189% of median. That's freakin' fantastic! Hopefully it will all come off nice and slowly in May.
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