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Shorter of Breath and One Day Closer to Death

My! What an angsty title! Someone who is celebrating his birfday should be more cheerful than that. Well, I am in a good mood. It's just that that Pink Floyd lyric seemed a little appropriate at the time as it popped into my head.

So today I celebrate 39 years on this planet. I have nothing insightful I want to say about them except I have been very fortunate in many respects and I am grateful to the divine being for that.

I do find it amusing that while I was in my mid-20's, most of my friends were about 10 years older. Now that I'm in my upper 30's, most of my friends are 10 years younger. Go figure. And I won't even talk about my sweet coon. I'm almost cradle robbing there! *winks and grins*

My sister came into town last night with her new b/f. I ended up cooking dinner for them as well as whipping up a couple of pitchers of margaritas. Tonight she will treat me to dinner, most likely at the local favorite, Sadies (no whimpering, Albear). She'll be around through the weekend so she'll get to meet a few of the local furs who will be coming over for a furmeet. She might even get to see me in fursuit action on Sunday when I perform as Zunipup for the Humane Assoc.

So, that's all the ramblings of an old bear. Thanks to all of you for keeping me young at heart. And thanks to all of the furs that trusted me to be their papabear. I don't plan on having any kids, so you will have to be my family and receive all of my love. Don't worry. There's plenty to go around.

p.s. Thanks to all of you that posted birfay wishes to me in your LJ. That means a lot to me! *HUG*
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