Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Potpourri for a Thousand, Alex

Of course we watched the Big Game last night. No party. Just scritchwuff and one of Kitty's friends. Lots of good food and beer. One helluva game too!

Earlier in the day I stumbled across "From Here to Eternity" on a second-rate movie channel. It would be the first time I had seen the movie since reading the book. I wanted to see the differences. It didn't last long, unfortunately. First, it had commercials. Second, I noticed they edited some dialogue. Huh? The movie was from the early 50's! They didn't swear back then! I then realized that they were equal opportunity censors. Of course they would bleep out "the n-word." But they also edited out "the w-word." Earnest Borgnine called Frank Sinatra a "wop." Oh noez! You can't say that! I immediately shut it off. I will never watch that network again.

The weather has been quite lovely the past few days. I even put on my partial fursuit to enjoy the stars from the patio. Unfortunately it has also been quite dry. I want my Pineapple Express back! Fortunately there is enough snow currently in the mountains that if it doesn't snow at all from now until May, we'll still end up as average. It looks like there will be a pattern change, however, starting next weekend.
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