Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Oscar-nominated Animated Shorts

It's almost time for the Academy Awards. That means that the local art-house cinema is showing the nominees for the short-subject genre. Last night it was the animated shorts. There were the 5 nominees plus 3 honorable mentions. Here's the breakdown with links to previews:

"Blind Vaysha" - A girl can only see the past through one eye and the future in the other. She can not see the present. It was probably my least favorite of the bunch. I just didn't like the animation style.

"Borrowed Time" - An old cowboy returns to the scene of a horrible event from his past. I really liked this one. The animation was pretty straightforward, but gorgeous.

"Pearl" - The life of a father and daughter as told from the front seat of their car. I think the whole movie is available at the provided link. Of course it would be on YouTube since it highlights technology developed by Google. It also wasn't one of my favorites. It seemed too much like a video game and/or a music video. It was nice, just not Oscar-worthy.

"Piper" - The full movie is at the link. This was Pixar's entry this year. I think I read that it was included on the "Finding Dory" DVD. I really liked it since there wasn't a whole lot to not like. C'mon! It's Pixar! And it gets furry points for being partially anthropomorphic.

"Pear Cider and Cigarettes" - The tale of one man's downward spiral. I guess I really liked this movie because I'm still thinking about it. The phrase that was in my head while I watched it was "American Anime." It had flavors of "Sin City" with hints of "Kill Bill" and perhaps "Heavy Metal." It could almost be considered "animated film noir." It's definitely not you Saturday morning cartoons.

The honorable mentions were:

"The Head Vanishes" - An old woman takes the train to the beach, but her head is not attached to her body. I think it was supposed to be an analogy for Alzheimer's. I wasn't crazy about the animation or the story telling.

"Asteria" - Humans and an alien race try to plant flags on a planet. One for conquest and one for...well, that would be a spoiler. Cute and funny little sci-fi romp.

"Once Upon a Line" - A story of life and love as told by a moving line. Not to be confused with "The Line and the Dot" which was an Oscar winner back in the '60s. I grew up with that one as they usually showed it with "Tom and Jerry" cartoons.
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