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Fur con update

First, thank you all you wished me a happy birthday. I love you all! *hugs*

Second, I decided I had better get my ass in gear and make my travel plans for Califur and AC. So, for my friends in SoCal, I will be arriving on Amtrak on Fri, May 28. Yes, Amtrak. I get frequent train miles on my credit card, and I had enough points for a free RT ticket. So it's costing me bupkis. I'll be returning on Tue, June 1. Here's some great logic. I couldn't get a free ticket for the 1st because it's a blackout date. The ticket costs 5000 points. They COULD give me 2 $25 gift certificates for 2500 points each. The one-way ticket costs $50. DUH!!!

For AC I will be leaving for NYC on July 3. Do you hear that quentincoyote?!?! Get ready to pick up a bear at JFK for some 4th of July furry fun in the Big Apple! RT airfare from ABQ to JFK.....$250. Whoot! I saw the best price on Orbitz and Travelocity was $280 from America West. I went to America West's website and saw the fare was $250. And I didn't have to do any bullshit registering to use the site.

I need to get a picture of Nevada and the Naked Cowboy in Times Square.
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