Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Tom Jones

Many thanks to mondhasen for letting me know that the movie "Tom Jones" would be playing on TCM. They are having their "Oscars A-Z" month where they show movies that have either won or were nominated for an Academy Award in some form. "Tom Jones" won Best Picture for 1964, but is nowhere to be found in terms of Netflix or any other streaming or DVD service. Unfortunately it was one of the worst Oscar winning films I have ever seen. I really have no idea what the Academy was thinking! I can't believe it beat out "Cleopatra" which wasn't all that great either, but at least it was a full-blown Hollywood spectacle. "Tom Jones" was just plain old boring! It was also supposed to be a comedy, but neither Kitty and I were laughing at anything. I think this period in Hollywood movie-making was a real low point. I guess I can also blame the source material. I had to read the book in my senior year of high school. I only made it half way through. On the final I bullshitted my way to an "A" by answering the question as best as I could by what I had read in the first half of the book. I then came clean that I never finished the book but thanked the teacher for assigning such a difficult book because I would be better prepared for college.
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