Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Total Eclipse of the Heart

I have known about the total solar eclipse that will cross the US in August for some time now. Initially I was going to drive to my old stomping grounds of Carbondale IL since the peak of the eclipse was supposed to happen right around Giant City State Park. I then realized that the difference in time of maximum eclipse between Illinois and someplace like Wyoming was about 2 seconds. Sure. I would gladly give up 2 seconds of eclipse to save several hours of driving. Besides, Kitty and I have been wanting to take a little vacation to the Black Hills for some time now. This would provide a perfect opportunity. Since I was booking hotels for Europe, I thought I might as well book a hotel for the eclipse. Oops. Too late. Every hotel in Casper, Douglas, Cheyenne, North Platte, Scottsbluff, Grand Island, and every other town along the path of totality has been booked. I found a vacancy at a Super 8 in a little Interstate-exit-town in Nebraska that was close to the path, but it was going for $500! *LOL* So it looks like we'll be staying in Ft Collins, CO and driving the 2 hours up into Wyoming. It's doable since the eclipse doesn't happen until 9 or 10 in the morning. I'm thinking about fursuiting it. I bet that hasn't been done before!
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Oh jeez, really? I'd been afraid to even look, haha. I certainly am planning to make it out but have made zero plans. You might have the right idea there (although one worries about traffic jams if half the population of Colorado decides to do the same thing.)
I'm already trying to make contingency plans. I figure I will stay away from Casper and Douglas and head out into the wilds of eastern Wyoming or western Nebraska. With the help of Google Maps I hope to find a nice remote farm road somewhere.

Something I forgot to mention in my post was that weather was also a deciding factor. I'm betting that the odds of clear skies will be better in Wyoming as opposed to So. IL.
Hello Sabot This is Brownee . Yes Its the Bear who been off Livejournal I lost the password can,t remember my username now when i saw a messege about the upcoming birthday this is how i was able to recover my account. So How Are you Sabot?
Nice to have you back on LJ.
I've been planning on going to Giant City State Park for it for a few years now. I'll probably make it a day trip.

Unfortunately the hotels in Hopkinsville, KY have likely been booked far in advance, which is why that's not an option.

I didn't get to see the annular eclipse in 2012 because of some damn clouds! DX
I was fortunate that ABQ was right along the path of "totality" for the 2012 eclipse. Here is the post with pic
Cool pics!
Wow.. best of wishes there! Im still pondering driving up also.... sleeping baggin' it!
I can't even imagine how packed the freeways are going to be from CO to WY that day! I'm hoping to make the drive too, maybe I'll leave the night before and throw the tent up somewhere.