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39.00274 years old

I spent my birthday last night doing the 2 things I love the most; drinking and chatting. I had such a huge lunch (we took our secretary to lunch and it was her birthday as well) that I really didn't want to go out to dinner. Also, my sister and her b/f had a big lunch, so they weren't in the mood either. So they cranked up the blender while I got online to check email. I was pounced by so many folks that I just started chatting away. My glass kept getting refilled with margaritas so I didn't complain. Finally I just crashed. You know the old saying, "One tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor"

So today I'm feeling old. My lower back is bugging me and I'm sitting here in the office with a heating pad. *grumpf*

I need to get over to the lab today to get a blood test. I went yesterday and found out that they closed at 3:30. I was there at 3:45. *grumpf again*

And once again...thanks for all of the birfday greetings!
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