Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Weekend Update

It must have been a good weekend since I didn't have time for LJ. Friday was the annual furmeet at FurCentral. Of course there was much drunken debauchery but not too much over-imbibing. I cooked up 10 pounds of corned beef for the occasion. Since we've been having a nice streak of above-normal temps, it was very pleasant to be outside and especially around the fire pit. I wasn't too hungover on Saturday but we still kept up the tradition of hitting up our local diner for a hearty post-party breakfast. We then sat back at home and enjoyed the 3-hour Oscar-winning extravaganza from 1936, "The Great Ziegfield." It was yet another one of those classic Hollywood epics with huge dance numbers employing hundreds of extras on massive soundstages. It was the perfect way to wind down from the previous night's festivities. We originally had no plans for Sunday, but some furiends invited us over for a BBQ. The weather was once again gorgeous so we all enjoyed hanging out on their patio with drinks and good food. It was nice to be social.
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