Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


We finally watched the Oscar-winning movie last night. My review is that, even though we haven't seen "La La Land" yet, I think Faye Dunaway probably had it correct when she incorrectly announced it as best picture. Some might have found "Moonlight" beautiful and touching, we found it incredibly dull. Maybe people 30 years from now will find great significance that a movie with an all-black cast won the award, but if that's all you're going for, the bar is set pretty low. Quite frankly if there hadn't been all of the protests last year about #OscarSoWhite or that BLM has become cause celebre for Hollywood liberals, I doubt that this movie would have been on anyone's radar. So while it might have been considered just a nice movie by me, it now seems like a "token winner." If a black movie HAD to win this year, then why not "Fences" which had much better acting and a much better plot. Maybe it was too white because the theme was a man working hard for his family as opposed to a drug dealer and his crackhead mother. Perhaps it appealed more to Hollywood since the main character was gay. It really didn't add that much to the plot even though that was supposed to be one of the main points of the movie. I gave it the nickname "Brokeblack Mountain." Someone pointed out that the quality of Oscar winners seems to have gone downhill over the past decade. This certainly adds credence to that.
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