Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Annual Rant

Yes, boys and girls, it's April! That means it's time for my annual post about taxes! This was the first year of my new strategy to deliberately owe money to the IRS instead of getting a refund. Last year they fucked me over by sitting on my refund for months due to a fuckup on THEIR account. So this year I want them to wait for ME! I had increased the number of exemptions on my W4 thereby reducing the amount they take out of my paycheck. At the same time I increased the amount going into my tax-differed 401K thereby reducing the amount they could tax in the first place. I was essentially paying myself. It would have worked flawlessly, but Kitty fucked up with her 401K which cost us a penalty. But the end result was what I was hoping for. I kept more of MY money in MY pocket.

Working on taxes still amazes me. Here I am, a guy with a master's degree in science who does math on a daily basis for his job, and even I have a hard time figuring out just what the fuck is going on! How is some poor schmuck supposed to figure this shit out?!? You have to have the help of a CPA or a tax professional. But wait! Doesn't that mean that the government is essentially requiring you to buy a service? Isn't that exactly what the Republitards complained about the most with Obamacare?!? And if you do your taxes by yourself and you fuck up, YOU could end up paying fines and/or going to jail! We could easily adopt the system that's used in Scandinavia where the government figures out everything for you. You simply get a check if you paid too much or get a bill if you paid too little. The technology is already in place. What is the Repulitards response? "Do you want the government THAT much in control of your money?!?" THEY ALREADY ARE! It's just that there would be no threat of going to pound-you-in-the-ass federal prison. The REAL reason is that our clowns in the Capitol get checks from lobbyists from H&R Block and Intuit.

I'll also add another bit to the rant. I know I live in a retarded state. We are #1 on lists of bad things and #50 on lists of good things. But this takes the cake. I went to file my taxes online today, and when I went to the website, I got "404 Not Found" errors. *headdesk*
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