Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Houseguest

Back when I was 23 I had an opportunity to work for several weeks for a government agency where I had an intern position the summer before. I knew it would be a little rough because I needed someplace to live for those weeks. My one option was a seedy residence motel or perhaps my supervisor from the previous job would let me live in one of her spare bedrooms. I had the audacity to ask her, and she said yes. She welcomed the company and the opportunity to have someone house-sit for her as well as do yardwork. I was forever grateful. When offered a job at the same agency the next year, she offered me the same deal. She eventually became someone I called "my second mom" who I wrote about in this LJ a few years back when she died. I wanted to carry on her legacy of caring by providing something similar to what she did for me.

Several years ago a local fur was at his rope's end when he was about to become homeless with one semester to go for his degree. We took him in and let him stay in our spare bedroom. He graduated and now is extremely successful working for a major corporation in the Northwest. A few years later another fur and friend of ours had an internship here in town. It would help him out financially if he could spend the summer with us. We agreed. He completed his training which was a major boost to his career. Last year another local fur was having a hard time so we offered him the same deal. We trusted him since he was our go-to housesitter. He would stay with us until he completed training in a trade. Things went along just fine like in the previous times we have taken folks in. I just started sensing a lack of drive in him. It seemed that perhaps he was becoming a little too comfortable with the situation. When you have nothing you should be striving to gain everything. I realized that the situation was too open-ended, so in November I told him that he would have to be out no later than the end of March. I hoped that it would light a fire under him. So the good news is that he kept his word and is moving out this weekend. The bad news (for him at least) is that he still doesn't have his shit together. I don't know how much money he was able to save while he was here, but it probably wasn't enough. He put all of his eggs in one basket and applied at only one apartment complex. They're giving him the runaround so he doesn't have anything definite. Both Kitty and I agree, however, that we have done all that we can and it's time for the baby bird to leave the nest. Oh yes, it's going to be hard, but life is kinda like that. I worked long and hard to get to where I am today and now I'm enjoying the fruits of those labors. Both Kitty and I are getting too old for this shit. We value our privacy and want our house for ourselves completely on our own terms. There are just too many stories out there about furs who can't afford food but are going to cons or buying fursuits. Usually mommy and daddy enable this behavior or more likely the fur is on assistance so it's being paid for with all that "free" gubbmint money. So always try to maintain some sort of altruism in your life, but also always have limits to that charity.
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