Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


So I guess I should post something to good ol' LJ to try to keep this thing alive. I commented on a friend's post that I long for the good ol' days where it seemed that everyone was on LJ. Those were the days of just a handful of social media sites. I recently saw a picture of all of the social media sites currently available and it floored me. In fact out of all of the logos displayed, I couldn't even FIND LJ. I never thought I would stick with a blogging site for so long. Perhaps I was doomed when I signed up for a permanent account. I had better get my money's worth out of this thing! 14 years later, I'm still here. I do have all of my entries backed up, so I can still have an archive of one of the most interesting times of my life. I met a lot of great people here. Most have come and gone. It makes me sad to think about all of them.

I suppose we all have to grow and change. Even my whole interaction and involvement in the fandom has morphed into something strange. I no longer have a desire to go to cons. Even the cons themselves have changed into something strange. I was going to consider RMFC my "home" con. Now it's gone. I had thought about trying Oklacon since it too was fairly close. It's gone. AC is just too big and too far for me to care. I will be going to BLFC in just over a month, but it's feeling like a chore just to go. I'm much more looking forward to the great eclipse trip in August and Europe in September. Now I'm thinking about the Galapagos in '18. I go to cons to see my friends, but now it sounds so much better to hang out with friends NOT at a con. *shrugs* Maybe I'm just becoming that grumpy old man who hates change. I'm looking at the past with those rose-colored glasses. Maybe I'll make the switch to DW. Maybe I'll just stay here until the Russian overlords shut everything down. Hey! Maybe I'll create a MySpace page!
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