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Of furmeets and fursuits

The great birfday furmeet was a great success! In addition to the "regulars" of tenax, emberflowers, furrysparkles, jeil_kitty, indicoyote, kit_foxy, and Nightrider, there was the return of mr_silvers, who brought along kjorteo and yiffyraptor. We also welcomed dressingdown who has now declared her furriness (one of us! one of us!)

The party began in the usual fashion with a showing of "Army of Darkness." This was followed by "Kung Pow." By the time that was over, it was time to start grilling meat. So I started cooking up the hamburgers with all of the fixins. We also had homemade potato salad and cole slaw. Tenax and Nightrider brought ice cream, so many grabbed a bowl or cone. We then watched "Brother Bear" which I am sorry to say ended up in an MST3K fashion (blasphemy!). Here's a drinking game you can play. Anytime that anyone in the movie gets bonked on the head in any way, take a drink. I guarantee that by the end of the movie, your head will be hurting just as much as Kenai's. Slowly the party started winding down until only Matrian, Tenax and I remained. We played a game of Lord of the Fries, briefly interupted by "Wolf's Rain" on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Matrian left and I fixed up the couch for Tenax who would spend the night in preparation for the next day's fursuiting.

Animal Humane was going to put on a small theater production with their youth group. The play would involve the importance of adoption and the concept of being kind to animals. I was asked to fursuit the event in hopes of attracting people to the play. I asked if Tenax could join me and was told, "Yes!" The event was held at the Explora! Museum which has lots of hands on science stuff for kids. It was a great venue. We suited up around 12:30 and wandered around the museum. Right away I knew we had blown it. We REALLY needed handlers. Once again, no photos. *cries* It was pretty tough moving about the museum. The passageways were confusing, and we were constantly being pounced by kids. After the 1st performance by the troupe (which we had no part in), we took a breather. The woman in charge realized that we were advertising gold, so we were given signs announcing the next performance. It worked! The next show was packed! Some of the kids might have been a little disappointed that the puppy and wolf would not be part of the performance, but judging from the laughter we heard backstage, they enjoyed the little skits nonetheless.

I kept stressing to Anne of Animal Humane that we are available for all sorts of events. The woman in charge of the museum theater was also given all of our info. I made it clear that they should spread the word about Albufurque. We would be more than happy to perform. So now I'm all tired and kicking back with some Smirnoff Ice. Ahhh! Here's to successful furmeets and fursuiting! *clink*

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