Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Retirement Training

They held a retirement seminar yesterday in the office, and I went. I have attended the pretty much same seminar a couple of times in the past, but now that retirement is starting to take on actual shape and form, I decided to take it again. Plus, rules change constantly, so it's good to stay current on what's what. I had a little letdown in that I may have to work for an additional year than what I had planned. I was hoping to be out by January of 2022, but now that might be pushed back to January of 2023. The way they calculate your time in service is different from the way they calculate time for retirement. Since I had some temporary time back in the 80's, it counts for how many years I have in service, but since I didn't pay into the retirement system back then, it doesn't count towards retirement. Meh. Oh well. That gives me another year to put money towards my 401K. I think I have also been incorrectly calculating how much money I could get for my pension. I will get about 30% of my salary in retirement. I have been using my net amount (i.e. my current paycheck) to figure out how much I could expect. I should, however, be using the gross amount since a significant portion of that is currently going towards my 401K. Of course that goes away once I retire. So it probably means more that I had been calculating. The biggest expense then becomes my (our) health insurance, which I am damn glad to be able to hold onto. The bottom line is that I should be able to maintain my current quality of life and NOT have to go to work every day. That's the biggest unknown. You have to stay busy. I don't have any major passions, but I'm sure something could come along. Professional con staffer? I do know that there are a lot of roads out there that I want to explore. Maybe I'm a closet farmer and that's why I'm expanding my garden to grow more food. Quien sabe'

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