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What's a bear to do?

There is a job opening in the office that closes on Wed. The job description entails some stuff that I already do. I would be less hands-on hydrology and more hydrologic database management. The major carrot and the only reason I'm applying for it is that it would mean a promotion. The money would be about the same for the 1st year but then there would be raises of $1000+/yr over the next 5 years. But then, I spotted another job. This one is in Yakima, WA. I lived there '90-93 and really didn't like it. But then I lived 6 years in Yuma, AZ and Yakima started to look like paradise. So I noticed a job opening doing essentially what I am doing now only on a different river basin with much more complexity and a whole new series of complications and issues that I would love to get the exposure. The downside is that it would be for the same salary I currently make. So what'a a bear to do?

I love the NW. A bear feels much more at home in the Cascades. Seattle and Portland are not all that far away. On the downside, there is no major airport nearby, so I can't pick up and travel like I currently do. Yakima DOES have a Costco, but it doesn't have an REI. There is the Internet now, however. I also have to consider zen as well. If he moves in with me here, there is the U. of NM. There is no univ. in Yakima, but there is Central WA U in Ellensburg, 30 miles away. Cost of living is probably a little less in Yakima.

Of course I need furiends. I could check the IFPL to see how many are there. I know sashapup is in Seattle. I have been working hard to get fursuiting gigs here and the momentum is finally building where I might get well-known enough to have folks beating down the doors to have a cute mascot. I feel fortunate that I can hold a furmeet and have 11 people show up. Would that be possible in a more remote and smaller city? Damn. Too much for my little bruin mind.

And on top of that...I have another cold. *GRUMPF*
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