Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

BLFC '17

The con isn't over yet, but I thought I would make an entry today. I'll be on the road again tomorrow and probably be camping out in AZ somewhere. The con has been a nice "relax-o event." Al and Dex showed up on Thursday and were able to move right in. From that point on, it has just been fun to sit in the lobby and watch the con go by. Planting yourself in one spot lets you observe all of the fursuiters and other con attendees passing by. I absolutely love the massive ballrooms where events take place as well as the massive space of the Dealers' Den. I purchased a bunch of comics and a vore sleeping bag. It's a large whale shark that you climb into via its mouth. It was much more reasonably priced than the Chum Buddy great white shark which has been available online for years. I also introduced Al and Dex to the Black Bear Diner which was met by 2 enthusiastic thumbs up. Of course our Reno breakfast standby is Peg's Glorified Ham and Eggs. So yummy! So overall it has been a nice time. It has been nice to see some old faces and catch up. That's about the only reason to come to a con. Of course it's hard to find a lot of good quality time to spend with folks. Such is the nature of the beast.
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