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Fursuiting Fun Part 1

Today was day one of a fursuiting weekend. I worked Wildlife West's Wind Festival. It's a festival held at the park where people can fly all sorts of kites. This year they added free food and stuff for the kiddies. I arrived at about 11:30 and suited in Abbey Raccoon until around 1:15. There were a lot of kids, so I had a lot of fun. The highlight was that I finally got to experience suiting in an inflatable balloon jump house. You know what I mean. Those big inflatable houses where kids can jump around inside. Fortunately I was wearing Abbey who has a soft head and feet. I climbed in with a few kids and began jumping around on my knees. The kids thought it was great! Soon they were pouncing me and pushing me over which I reacted to in a most histrionic manner. The only downside was that it took a LOT out of me. I desuited for about an hour and had lunch. I then got back into suit and was right back into the jump house. Once again I had kids jumping on top of me and having a great old time. It was an incredible experience! Abbey is the only suit I would feel comfortable in doing something like that with. Even though Zunipup's head is also firmly attached, it's made up of a hard material which could smack somebody. O.K. I am sweaty and exhausted. Time for a shower. Fursuiting gig #2 is tomorrow. I'll write about that later (d'uh!).
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