Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Patio Music

My summer tradition is to sit out on the patio every night and listen to some tunes. Usually I get my phone and bluetooth speaker and either listen to XM or play whatever I have in the cloud. If I use my old phone, it has an SD card that I have loaded up with tunes. Lately I have been going old skool and playing cd's on a portable player using old computer speakers. It started a few weeks ago when I played my Verve Pipe cd's prior to seeing them live at the Zoo. I just bought tickets to a Shawn Colvin concert in October and wanted to play her Grammy-winning cd "A Few Small Repairs." I had forgotten how much I loved the cd! There was just something about playing the entire thing that you miss as opposed to just playing a few hit songs. I decided that it would be the "new" thing when sitting outside. I have so caught up with the new concept of just buying the songs you want that I forgot that there was a time when you played a cd to not only hear the hits but to also perhaps find other hidden gems that never got radio play.
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