Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Fursuitin' and Foamin'

Today marks the unofficial end to our vacation. We still have another day of driving, but today was the last day to do touristy stuff. We made a stop at Devil's Tower in Wyoming. I made Kitty hike the mile and a half trail around the base of the butte but to her it was like the Bataan Death March. I then checked another national monument off of my list of places where I must fursuit. scritchwuff beat me fursuiting here several years ago when he was driving home from Rainfurest. Hopefully he'll post a pic here in the comments section of his adventure. It was then time to head south to get close to home. I plotted the route to follow the Union Pacific/BNSF 4-track speedway through the Powder River Basin. At its peak about 10 years ago when coal was king there could be up to 100 trains a day on this line. Now there's probably half as many. I did manage to catch a few. It was then on to Douglas, the jackelope capital of the world. There are actually 2 jackelope statues in town, so I ended up fursuiting both. It was then a short drive to Cheyenne where we had a lovely steak dinner at a local steakhouse chain. Our motel is in a great location with the Union Pacific Transcon running right outside the front door. Spooooo!

Why do I hear John Williams music?

The unofficial statue at the city's railroad museum. Dat ass!

The official statue in downtown.
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