Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Let The Trip Begin!

The reality finally hit home yesterday that my European vacation was finally upon me. I was looking at the FlightAware website to see what the route of my flight would be. It showed the flight having just arrived in London. It then hit me, "Holy crap! That's me in 2 days!" So now here I am at work ready to put in a full day before heading off to the airport. It's the first time I am ever looking forward to a long flight since I splurged for business class. I have done 10-14 hour flights before. I liken it to one of the levels of Dante's Inferno. On an LA-Sydney flight I watched 3 full-length movies and then realized that the flight was not even half over. I really want to see how the other half live. I saw all of the perks involved and went "Damn! You get treated nicely!" Hell yeah! You're payin' for it! You SHOULD get happy ending AND reacharound! So we shall see. I liken it to buying a $3000 fursuit and wearing it to one con. For a weekend you experience bliss. I also look at it as part of the payout for having scrimped and saved for over 25 years. Heck, I usually don't think twice about upgrading when I take Amtrak. And there, coach-class is WAY better than coach on any airline. SO let the vacation posts begin! I might even post from the flight since we get Wi-Fi.
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