Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

London Post #4 and 5

Time is just passing way too quickly! I'm having a hard time keeping up! Yesterday we thought we would take it "easy" and just do Greenwich. Yeah. It turned into a whole day thing. We decided to take the Thames to the "suburb." It was a wonderfully relaxing little little cruise that only cost us about $5 thanks to our Oyster Cards. The main goals were the Cutty Sark and the National Observatory. The Cutty Sark was the clipper ship that made the trip "around the Horn" in the 19th century to bring tea from China to the UK. It made numerous trips around the world hauling all sorts of cargo before steamers made sailing ships obsolete. It has held up remarkably well despite so many years in service, shipwrecks, and fires. We spent the morning touring the ship. We then stopped at a local eatery for pies where I tried eel for the first time. Very fishy! We then spent the afternoon at the National Observatory, home of Greenwich mean time. Of course we all took pictures of ourselves on both sides of the line, being in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Al and Dex went to the Maritime Museum while Kitty and I went to the Fan Museum. Kitty wanted to see the collection of fans with animal themes. It was nice but not worth the price. Oh well. We then retreated to a pub to wait out part of rush hour. We failed. We hit the Tube and found ourselves in the heart of rush hour. We had to cross a large square right in the heart of the financial district. There were thousands and thousands of people all leaving work, stopping for a pint, or rushing for the Tube. We heard the line we were going to take had problems, so we took alternate routes which of course everyone else did as well. We finally made it home and just stopped into the local supermarket to pick up stuff for dinner and beer. We just chilled in Al and Dex's room, eating our food and getting our drink on.

Today we hit the Tower of London. We spent all morning touring the site. We then split up and Kitty, Scritch, and myself just walked ourselves silly. We walked across the Tower Bridge, stopping for some lunch at a pub. We then proceeded to the walk along the Thames to the Millennium Bridge a.k.a. The Deatheater Bridge. We then went to St Paul's Cathedral where we found we were too late to tour it. We then saw that you can worship for free, so we attended mass. I didn't burst into flames, so I guess I can't be too far gone *lol* We then hit up another pub to kill a little time. Finally we walked over the Waterloo Bridge to see the skyline at night. It was then time to hop on the Tube and head home. It was well past rush hour, so the commute was easy. Dinner was at a nice upscale pizza place next to our hotel. And now it's beddy bye time! 'night!
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