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Fursuiting Fun Part 2

Today was Animal Humane's annual Adoptathon. They try to get as many cats and dogs adopted as possible. Most have already been spayed or neutered, microchipped, and given their shots. I arrived at the Fairgrounds at a little after 10. I didn't have a parking pass, but I just showed them my volunteer badge and they let me park for free (woohoo). I found the appropriate building and tracked down Anne, my main contact. She showed me a great back room in which to change. A few minutes later and I emerged as Zunipup. This time I was official. I had a Zunipup nametag. I wandered around all of the vendors that were there. There was a biker group that had a display of their motorcycles and Zuni was asked to pose for pix on all of the bikes. Hopefully some will make it back to me. There were other dog related organizations present and I tried to play with any of the critters that were interested. My main station was at the front door greeting folks as they came in. It was a great location because I got to meet everyone that came in, especially all of the kids, and it was a place with a wonderful cool breeze which made suiting quite comfortable. I suited for an hour, took a short water break, suited another hour, had a slice of pizza, then suited for a final hour. (note to self, eating pizza and then putting head on can be a stinky experience). Overall, great comments, a nice crowd, fun interaction with real dogs, good number of kids. Yup! A good event!

BTW, when I left, the number of adoptions since Friday was 240 cats and dogs. AWESOME!
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