Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Paris, Le Jour Finale'

There were no great plans for today. The only BIG thing missing was the Arc de Triumph. So we took the Metro there and then did a slow leisurely walk back to the hotel. Kitty was happy to see all of the haute couture shops along the Champs D'elysee. My nose hooked at paying $4 for a Coke at McDonald's, but at least I got to "wreck it" in the bathroom. We walked all the way back to the Louvre and then headed back to the hotel but not before stopping at a really nice restaurant for lunch where we once again experienced "cafe culture." We were nice full and buzzed as we made our way to an upscale supermarket where we picked up some bread, wine, and cheese. It was then back to the hotel for some crash time before we had our French dinner in the room. C'est ci bon!   We then took a stroll over to Notre Dame because we could.  We stopped at our new favorite supermarket for some beer and candy to take home.  And thus ends our last full day in Paris.  We didn't try to push it and we had a nice relaxing time.  Outside of the bixnooditry of the first day, everything has been wonderful.  Next stop...back to London.
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