Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Au Revoir, France

Yesterday, dexter_fox posted about being totally stressed out about travelling in terms of insuring connections and reservations especialy when traveling abroad.  That was me yesterday.  There were many moving parts involved and they all had to function properly.  We woke up at the usual time and followed our usual routine of finding a patiserie for coffee and pastrty.  We then checked out of our hotel and had them store the luggage.  We then took a stroll back up to The Pantheon since we heard the interior was supposed to be spectacular as well as many famous people being buried in the catacombs underneath.  It was a gorgeous space, once designed to be a cathedral and then passing between secular and religious for the next 200 years.  Buried beneath it there is a collection of great figures in French history as varied as Voltaire, Dumas, Hugo, and Madame Curie.  We then found a creperie down the street where we had a wonderul lunch (and beer!).  It was then time to collect our bags and head to the train station.  We opted to take a cab to avoid any further bixnooditry.  OMG!  We finally saw the neighborhood where Scritch got robbed.  It looked right out of South Central LA or the south side of Chicago.  I have to thank the bum sleeping in front of a hotel on Google Street View a few blocks away because I almost chose that hotel when making plans.  Once I saw the bum I went, "Oh hell no."  We quickly made it into the station and on through customs.  Soon we were on the Eurostar to London.  I screwed up somewhat in that I had wanted to arrive at the tail end of rush hour.  Due to a time change, however, we arrived at the height of rush hour.  D'oh.  We decided to just hang out and do a little geeking out by visiting Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station.  OMG!  It has become a tourist trap!  There were dozens of Harry Potter geeks waiting to get their picture taken there (sold professionally for a fee).  We then rode out rush hour at an Italian restaurant where we had anipasti (and beer!).  At 7 we boarded the Tube and headed to Heathrow.  It was a breeze (and Oy!  at off-peak pricing!)  Then the Fail began.  There are no hotel shuttles.  You have to take "The Hoppa" which serves several hotels.  We waited for about 20 minutes before one showed up.  It was crammed so full we barely got on.  Then when we arrived at the hotel and there were people everywhere!  WTF?!?  It turns out there is some major European soccer event going on, so the front of the hotel was full of rude, drunk, Dagos.  Even Scritch was embarrassed for his peeps.  Now I know how a mundane feels arriving at a furry con hotel!  But soon we were in our rooms and crashing.  It was one of the worst nights of sleep I have had on the entire trip.  But this morning we had a hearty breakfast (that I had forgotten I had paid for) and now we're enjoying white priviledge in the first class lounge.  Stress levels are approaching zero as I enjoy a mimosa.  Next stop...'Murica!  Fuck yeah!
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