Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Euopean Vacation...The End

When I last left you I was enjoyin the creature comforts of the Virgin Atlantic first class lounge.  I guy could get used to that!  I spent the last of my pounds on a bottle of gin at the duty-free shop.  It was then time to board the plane where we each had our own little "pod" to curl up in for the next 9 hours.  There was major fail when there was a "medical emergency" just as we were pulling out of the gate.  That set us back over an hour, but like when travelling on Amtrak, when you're in first class, it doesn't make a heck of a lot of difference.  We were treated to a nice meal and Scritch and I helped kill a bottle of Gentleman Jack.  I just listened to tunes and watched "Guardians 2."  Before I knew it we were landing in Atlanta.  Immigration was a breeze and soon we were back in America seeking out the Delta first class lounge.  We quickly learned how full-of-fail it was when I ordered 2 bourbons for us and was then presented with a bill for almost $30.  WTF?!?  Liquor flowed freely in London!  Oh wait...that was Virgin Atlantc.  This was Delta.  Meh.  I slept most of the flight to ABQ.  I had had it.  I was now pushing 20 hours of being awake and just wanted the trip to be over.  We were home before 10 and then had to deal with extremely needy pets.  It was so nice sleeping in our own bed again.  And we were both happy to once again experience the joy of a walk-in shower.  Taking a shower in Europe was a challenge since the tubs are narrow, have nearly rounded bottoms, and sit about 2 feet off the floor with a steep step into and out of the tub with no grab bars.  That becomes more and more important when you get to be an old fart.

One thing that we "enjoyed" while riding the Tube in London was the ubiquitous warning, "Mind the gap!" when the train pulled into the station.  I added "Mind the rat" after our encounter with one on a platform.  When we got to Atlanta we started doing that on the train between terminals.  It just seemed like it was missing.  I'll have to do some photo posts in the near future especially with all of the furry-related stuff we encountered.  But first I need to download all of the photos from the various media storage devices and get them collected on my desktop.
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