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10.5 on the suck scale

I started watching the made-for-tv movie "10.5" yesterday on NBC. Some of the special effects looked cool at first, but the more you watched, the suckier they became. And having a geologic background, the absurdity level hit critical mass very quickly. Also being a rail fan, when the Amtrak train got sucked into the earth, that was the last straw. So rather than waste my time on a p.o.s. movie, I went to chat with my sweetie. That was time much better spent!

I noticed the moon was getting full and I had not been hit with my usual monthly angst attack. Maybe it was because of all of the suiting I was able to do. Maybe because I know I get carol_kitty one more time next weekend and a visit from my sweetie the following weekend. It will be nice to be able to do something with somebody for a change. *angst warning* It was certainly wonderful to be able to suit as much as I did this past weekend. I'm sorry that there will probably not be any pictures. It's kinda tough when you're doing everything by yourself. Maybe Washington isn't that bad of a place. I bet the crickets chirp just as loudly up there. */angst*
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