Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


Ever since I downloaded the International Space Station app for my phone, I have been geeking out whenever it does a flyover of the SW in those brief time windows when there is not too much light to wash it out or not enough to even see it.  Last night was a first for me.  It was my first double-orbit night.  *snort*  I saw it first just after 7 when conditions were ideal.  The sun had just set and there weren't any other stars in the sky.  It was easy to spot the bright light streaking across the sky.  Since there wasn't a cloud anywhere, we were able to watch it for an incredible 1000 miles.  We finally lost sight of it as it passed over Peoria IL.  Just over 2 hours later it made another pass over the house on its next orbit.  It was a bit more of a challenge since the light was getting dim 200 miles up and the sky was now full of stars and a pretty bright moon.  But I picked it up as it whizzed over CA.  There should be another good show tonight as it passes over the Four Corners at around 8.  There's another shot for a double-orbit on Wednesday, but we're expecting rain that night.
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